I think it's very smart of women to choose to not model because the modeling world is such a negative place. I'm a little suspicious of this story, though. I grew up in the same suburban Los Angeles town that most of her family lives in. They're a family of stage moms and people looking for fame. There is nothing… » 2/11/12 2:58pm 2/11/12 2:58pm

Officially, you can only be born a princess, so they gave her the title of duchess. But unofficially, she will be called Princess Catherine. I'm embarrassed that I know that, too. William now has three titles now, Duke of Cambridge, Earl of Strathearn and Baron Carrickfergus. Baron Carrickfergus is a fricken funny… » 4/29/11 4:10pm 4/29/11 4:10pm

How do you sympathize with HIM, though? He's representing us in a situation where the welfare of civilians is in his hands, and he does such a despicable thing. I wonder if you saw the photos from the incident. Maybe you would have a hard time sympathizing after seeing them? » 3/24/11 12:15am 3/24/11 12:15am